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3 monkeys

3 monkeys

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Description: The image of the three monkeys, embodying the Buddhist concept of not doing evil, has long become Christomatic - it has been imprinted hundreds of times in works of art and literature, coins, postage stamps, souvenirs. Each monkey symbolizes a certain idea, or rather a part of it, and has a corresponding name: Mizaru (covers the eyes and sees no evil), Kikazaru (covers the ears and hears no evil) and Iwazaru (covers the mouth and says no evil). All together express the maxim "If I don't see evil, I don't hear evil and I don't say anything about it, I am protected from it". Wise monkeys are often mentioned in movies and songs, depicted in cartoons and graffiti, even Pokemon. In a word, they have seriously entered contemporary art, occupying a small but stable place in it. The figurine is precisely crafted from metal-coated polyresin with attention to every detail. Dimensions of the figurine: h 8.5 cm

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